Twitter Travellers Asks Bloggers: What Would Be Your Dream Holiday Destination This Year?

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Twitter Travellers, a new, free travel-oriented social network that includes user-generated travel blogs, photos, video, travel info and featured tweets, is hosting a contest for SheBloggers. They want you to blog about your dream holiday getaway - whether you'd like to be soaking up the rays in Maui, taking in the breathtaking art (and gelatto) in Florence, or flying home to see family and friends in your hometown. Bloggers who submit a post describing where they'd like to go and why can win a $100 pre-paid Visa card - just in time for holiday shopping and travel planning! To qualify for the contest, bloggers must: 1. Register for and mention their thoughts on the new social network in their reviews 2. Disclose that they are writing their post as part of a contest through, but that they aren't being paid for their opinions. Winner will be announced on November 30 - be creative, have fun and win! PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Twitter Travellers - A Travel Social Network "Social Network For Travelers and Traveling Tweeters" Launches Memphis- October 28, 2010 - Travel Social Network Launches. Twitter Travellers, a free travel social network focused on travel and includes user-generated travel blogs, photos, videos, travel info and featured tweets pertaining to the travel world launched today. Twitter Travellers is an online social network site created to make it easier for travelers to share travel experiences and meet other travelers and experts within the field of travel absolutely free without having to pay a membership fee. The travel social network site is meant to be a fun and a unique travel social network experience and will also have monthly travel writer contest and travel photo contest for travelers to share their vacation experience and photos. One of the fun aspects of the site features the latest tweets from funny tweets pertaining to travel to featured weekly travel tweets from tweeters in the Twitter world. It is a online meeting place for all things travel related and features any travel related subject from vacation rentals, hotels to the best airfare travelers are discussing on the travel social site. Travelers can also instantly add friends and chat with each other to discuss travel. Founded by Teri Morin, a avid traveler and vacation rental owner for several years with a background in international marketing and vacation rental experience wanted to create a travel social network of travelers. The idea was to bring travelers who shared similar interest of travel together by sharing travel photo's, travel blogs and connecting with experts in the travel industry through social network integration. The site is user friendly, has a Facebook feel and Twitter style with daily featured Tweets for an added social network experience. "With Twitter Travellers a traveler can connect with other like-minded travelers through an travel social network experience similar to FaceBook and Twitter but targeted for people who share a passion for travel.  Travelers and Travel industry experts are able to connect directly and share travel destinations"  "It's also a great way to post a discussion and get a instant review about a travel destination, airline, cruise, vacation rental or hotel resort review" Teri Morin, Founder TwitterTravellers says. offers members their own individual blog spaces, travel chat space as well as the ability to post pictures and videos, participate in travel discussions, and promote themselves, their blogs, or their agenda on a home page discussion board as well as integrate with their Facebook or Twitter pages. Twitter Travellers also offers many different discussion groups on everything from where to stay in Florida to top destinations in Europe.  The idea behind is for travelers to connect with other travelers, travel journalists, travel news networks,  publicists, Vacation Rental Owners, Vacation Rental sites, Hotel groups, and other travel related experts.  It also helps provide a social network marketing Tourism and Convention Bureaus, platform for hotels, airlines and vacation rentals to connect with travelers and expand their social marketing campaigns. The travel social network is fast becoming a great place for travelers- with an daily expanding network of members from countries around the world as far as Iceland, India, France, Spain, Egypt to the Gulf of Mexico. All of the new members have a passion for travel.  They all share one common goal of travel.  Members can post video's of their latest properties or vacation experiences.  For example, HQ Villa's headquartered in Europe, specializes in private and luxurious vacation rentals in France, Spain, and Italy, has become the newest member of Twitter Travellers and featured their video's for travelers to see at the travel social networking site. And, a Hollywood film producer of documentaries and short films has joined from his film work and travel passion of Africa. " also helps travelers gain a greater insight to instant flight and traveler tweets and can give them ideas on places to travel.  The site helps give travel companies an insight on how to direct and shape their marketing strategy" "It really creates a unique and interesting travel community." says Teri Morin, founder of About Twitter Travellers-a travel social network focused on travel and includes user-generated travel blogs, photos, videos, maps, and travel info as well as the latest featured tweets from tweeters on Twitter.  was founded  by Teri Morin as a universal site for people that share a passion for traveling around the world.  As a travel social network , it is not affiliated in any way with Twitter, Inc. or Facebook.    The site is intended to help travelers and travel industry experts get real time travel updates within it's travel social network and learn from travel industry experts. For information contact: [protected]Teri Morin Office- 901-568-1838[/protected]


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Thank you, so much. I had a

Thank you, so much. I had a great time writing it - and imagining where I'd go.
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Great post! Going through the

Great post! Going through the same dilemma planning my honeymoon (married in June and still haven't found the time to get away for it!).
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This was a lot of fun,

This was a lot of fun, imagining where in the world I could travel. Hope you enjoy the post:
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